To create an unforgettable award, we ask that you send in the best quality image files you have. That means that all images and logos should be sent in a sharp black & white vector format. We accept Adobe Illustrator, EPS or PDF formats only. Vector files are resolution independent and can be enlarged infinitely without losing image quality. That means no matter how much we enlarge the image, it will always be clear and sharp. What you do not want to send in is called Raster artwork. That means  artwork is composed digitally of horizontal and vertical rows of pixels to make up an image. Raster files are resolution dependant and cannot be enlarged without comprising the image quality. So the more we enlarge the image, the less clear, and more pixilated the image will look. These types of files normally have file extensions such .psd, .tif, .jpg, .gif or .bmp. These files are not permitted or usable for our production.


  • All artwork must be in vector form. CIP accepts Adobe Illustrator, EPS or PDF formats only. Corel (CDR) or JPG files will not be accepted.

  • Do not increase or decrease scale of templates. The etching area/template has been pre-measured for production. If you have more than one artwork for the same piece, please feel free to continue off the art board.

  • All artwork submitted must be in black and white. Please ensure that all text, logo, vector shapes, fills and strokes that will be etched are 100% pure black. (Hexadecimal Color Code #000000) No color, grayscale, gradients, fine halftone, shadows or fuzziness.

  • Artwork must be outlined. Before submitting, please ensure that all artwork is outlined. (Select All >Type>Create Outlines) This will help avoid any complications when opening files.

  • All lines must be 11pt and have a thickness of at least 1pt. Lines smaller than 1pt may not etch consistently.

  • Small shapes or openings in shapes or letters must be at least 4px wide.
    Photo images cannot be etched and will be not accepted.
    A $25 conversion fee may be applied for artwork, including logos that are submitted in color, non-vector format (i.e. .jpg files), or require special attention.